Job Core Trade school Graduate Boise, Idaho. General Building, Carpentry, and Masonry. Richland College, Dallas, TX, completed multiple courses in Principals of Real Estate • Business Construction Management • Contract Administration. Real Estate School Covina, California. Construction Inspection School, Los Angeles, CA, completed 250 hours, earned International Conference Building Officials Certificate.

Special Skills

  • Formal Licensed, General Contractor B • Masonry C 29 • Roofing C 39 • Contractor in CA.
  • Government Approved Vendor #99002889.
  • Develop Contracts • Work Scopes • Business Plans • Marketing Strategies.
  • Construction Appeals board member currently, Lake City, TX  
  • Approved Contractor for the league of California home owners.

  • Performed Remodeling project live on the Internet for Dot Com Guy, Dallas, TX
  • Featured in Remodeling Magazine.
  • Performed live home improvement talk show for the Johanna Fisher Show on KCBI-AM, Dallas, TX
  • Interviewed live on (House talk host Super Handy Man All Carroll) WBAP-820 AM, Dallas, TX
  • Featured in USA News Paper Money section due my techniques in recruiting qualified workers for the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Performed Insurance Reconstruction Projects: Whittier CA Earth Quake Sierra Madre • CA Earth Quake Malibu CA Fires • North Ridge Earth Quake • New Orleans, LA Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Ike Houston, TX Oklahoma City OK hail storms. Experienced working with Engineers. 

Architects Owners Insurance Property Adjusters • Bankers • City • State Government Officials • Disaster Sites. 

Master Craftsman in: Carpentry • Concrete • Foundations • Roofing • Masonry • Stucco • Paint Drywall  Flooring • Structural work • New Builds • Remodeling • Sales • Insurance Restorations Inspections. Guided owners in receiving insurance proceeds for property damages. I pride myself as efficient problem solver with planned preventions in place. Versed in OSHA • City • State Government • Permitting Process • HVAC Plumbing • Electrical • Energy Asbestos • Fire Sprinklers • Engineering • Tenant Improvements Demolition • Real Estate.

Company Bio 

Michael Paulson is a Professional Builder Remodeler • Consultant • Business Coach with over "30" years of success in the construction industry. Michael Paulson carries an exceptional strong entrepreneur’s spirit that fuels his fire for success and comprehensive knowledge in construction fundamentals is an asset as well as bringing projects in or under budgets. Michael’s Paulson consultative sales, business development, efficient strategy skills, proposal developmental and his presentations brings strong leadership skills for the company.

Michael has personally built, managed over ($100 Million dollars) in Commercial, Residential, Restaurants, Multi Family, Real Estate Sectors. 

DFW Builds - trains and motivates team members to attain optimal performance levels in a positive team-oriented environment for our client’s projects.

Michael Paulson is a Master craftsman’s in the following trades. Carpentry, Concrete,  Foundations,Roofing,Masonry, Stucco, Paint Drywall, Flooring, Structural work, New Builds, Remodeling Sales Insurance Restorations, Inspections. Guided owners, policy holders in receiving over $18.4 million dollars in insurance proceeds for their property damages. Michael prides himself as an efficient problem solver with planned prevention's in place.

Trained in the following procedures. OSHA 

City • State • Government Permitting Process HVAC Plumbing • Electrical • Energy • Asbestos • Fire Sprinklers  

Engineering Tenant Improvements Demolition • Real Estate  Engineering. Michael has excellent skills in orchestrating construction projects from conception to completion.

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